Why Changing Careers Give 40+ Women an Edge!!

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[dropcap custom_class=”whbr”]Watching women 40+ discover how to thrive in their Career is Inspiring. My latest program, My Career Destiny, leads aspirational women on a journey to connect with their unique talents, needs and purpose and then use them to THRIVE in a career they LOVE. You see, mostly clients come to me broken in some way… large or small. At one end of the spectrum, women have reached a Peak or Pinnacle in their career.  They’ve tasted and lived career success in the form of Senior Management, well paid Salaries or gained Public Recognition.  They’re grateful for what they’ve achieved but having lived with these success measurements for sometime, somehow, the shininess of it has all worn off.  What they thought they were in search for, as it turns out isn’t giving them what they actually want – a sense of meaning and purpose!!![/dropcap]


In the middle, there are women who have toiled away in roles they don’t particularly enjoy yet feel hand-cuffed to the secure income they enjoy and justify staying by declaring “It’s too late” to transition into something else they might enjoy more or that brings a deep sense of purpose. At the other end, there are those who are still to taste Career Success but remain ambitious to yield a strong sense of career purpose and satisfaction.  It’s like they have an inner knowing they’re here to do something significant; they just don’t know what it looks like yet! Regardless of one’s placement on this continuum and desire to work in a purposeful way, being a woman over 40 considering changing roles or careers is enough to fill any one of us with dread.

[blockquote custom_class=”” txt_color=”” size=”22″ line_height=”32″]What if you knew the secrets to being successful in the energy of 2019 onwards?[/blockquote]

All too often I hear  “I’m too old to learn something new”, “Who else would pay me this salary?”, “I wouldn’t fit into a younger culture”, “My tech skills can’t compete with the younger generations”. But what’s really speaking is the client’s FEAR.  Their fear of failure OR their fear of the unknown! I appreciate it takes enormous courage to instigate career change.  But what if you knew where you held the advantage over your younger peers when it came to your overall offering?  If you’re contemplating change but need some encouragement to pursue your career aspirations…. Here’s 4 ways that I see 40+ women have the advantage over their younger counterparts!

Service Orientation.

As a rule, women love to serve.  I don’t mean be subservient, but they get joy from helping others.  Energetically from 2017 onwards, career opportunities will abound for those who focus on ways they can serve others by providing their inherent skills!  Traditional patriarchal attitudes, which focus on the individual gain, will over time experience a downturn in career opportunities.



At our age, we’ve realised the benefits that come from working and collaborating with like-minded people in business.  Increased creativity and productivity to name but two.  2017 onwards will bring rich rewards to those who choose to collaborate with other businesses.  Success will be more apparent for those who champion the cause of others they hold in high regard.  As 40+ women, this skill comes to many of us quite naturally, but perhaps not so much to the younger generation.  If you love doing this, keep up the great work… career and business advancement opportunities will likely blossom for you!


Strong Intuition.

By our age, we’ve learnt how to harness our creativity, work with different types of people and find solutions for many a problem.  We’ve come to realise that when we’re patient and tap into our intuition, we can find our way to the ideal outcome.  This skill is something that doesn’t come naturally to the younger tech savvy generation who struggle to sit still, let alone tap into their intuition to get creative and solve problems.

In this new energetic era, those who nurture and regularly access their intuition through mindfulness practices will be guided to make great personal and professional choices!



Last but not least, the energy we’re now in supports the concept of community.  By connecting with a tribe of people who are interested in concepts, businesses and ways of operating like you, you will find enormous support.  The added bonus is it will build you up and give you the courage to go out and work in a way that is meaningful and purposeful for you.  At our age, we’re very clear on they types of communities we want to be a part of and we already have some really deep relationships that we can lean on for support and encouragement.

BLOG CONTRIBUTOR:  Josephine Corcoran

Specialising in Career Coaching, Josephine Corcoran uses a unique holistic approach which blends Astrology and Positive Psychology practices to develop tailored coaching programs, workshops and online programs that transform individuals and teams. Having coached over 500 Executives, Entrepreneurs and Mums, Josephine makes connecting to your strengths, purpose and setting goals aligned to your career opportunities rewarding and achievable.  She works exclusively with ambitious people who are ready to start the career they were born to live. Through the power of obtaining personal Insight via Astrology and Positive psychology,

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