Artificial Intelligence VS Humans – What the Experts Say

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[dropcap custom_class=”whbr”]With a heading like that, who couldn’t go to that event! Great night at Meetup with North Sydney Innovation Network (NSIN) at @Workinc. Hosted by Beath Carey and John Bell of Pat Inc, Fang Chen of CSIRO’s Data61 Alumni Network, Richard Kimber of Daisee and David Burt of CSIRO.[/dropcap]

My take out from the discussion?

Artificial intelligence is such a big subject and it’s taken intense learning and focus over the last 6 months for me to be able to just join the conversation in order to understand what is happening.  That is one of the issues that the experts agree, education and more conversation around AI and it’s impact on our society is a must. Ethics is a touchy subject and it was no exception tonight, even at the mention of our health records being in one place, sparked a slightly heated debate.John Ball from Pat Inc’s, shared his solution with his organisation Pat Inc, uses proper allocated meaning instead of data learning meaning, which seems the obvious solution – so here’s to their business getting the funding to finish and make the world a better place (lol).Richard Kimber, CEO of Daisee and former MD of Google was extremely informative. He has a practical point of view and refreshingly honest about the state of affairs. His knowledge is vast in this area and a great leader to have on as many boards as I hope he can be on.

Yes, Google is listening and taking over the world HOWEVER, there will be a backlash globally but what that is, we’ll wait and see.  Duck Duck Go is a new search engine stating that ‘they don’t track you’. I’ll give it a go! He spoke how Australia is way behind (of course – here in our bubble), Europe is ahead and actively looking at ways to manage privacy, the collection and use of data and the social impact. He mentioned the GDPR has struck fear in data collection and how you get that data is going to continue to be important, a mention how BITCOIN will be a good way to track that source. He also pointed out that technology can grab your fingerprint without even signing up to sites, it’s over everything you do.

Fang was wonderful to listen to with her upbeat attitude and enthusiasm around data collection and research. She laughed at her distraction for a good handbag or pair of shoes when being offered it by a tailored ad used by your constant data injection, showing that her ability to be ‘human’ is a key factor in any AI role today – I was pleased to see that part of her.

Richard talked about how jobs such as accounting, lawyers, radiology would be redundant where as creative and innovate roles will be least likely (yes, we know this to be true!)

Fang talked about that she felt the data was sexist, because the data has human bias and this is where machine learning can help bring some equanimity to future creations – we hope.

I’ve listed below the panelists.



Dr. Fang Chen is a prominent leader in AI/data science with an international reputation and industrial recognition. She has created many innovative industry and research solutions, transforming industries that utilise AI/data science. She has helped industries worldwide advance towards excellence in increasing their productivity, innovation, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Her leadership in transformations to industry with practical impact, won her industry recognition including being named as “Water Professional of The Year” in 2016.


Cognitive Scientist and Engineer specialising in machine intelligence technology. John invented and developed Patom theory leading to patents in 2007, which is a hierarchical, bidirectional model in which a brain only stores, matches and uses patterns. In 2012, when he came across functional linguistic framework, Role & Reference Grammar, he integrated RRG with Patom theory producing a meaning based, language independent NLU (Natural Language Understanding) platform.


Technology veteran Richard Kimber is a former Google MD of Australia/New Zealand, and now CEO of AI company Daisee. Daisee has a unique approach that focuses on creating significant value for clients by blending commercial best practice, software engineering and data science to create intelligent products that learn and adapt. Their team includes deep talent from big tech brands such as Teradata, McKinsey, EY, Google, ANZ, NAB, and HSBC.

Moderated by

Creating a world where every Australian scientist has the skills and knowledge to drive the global adoption of the technology that they create. David is an experienced keynote speaker and facilitator, and in his spare time he enjoys teaching strategy, innovation & entrepreneurship through experiential education.

Oh and can’t forget to share my ‘pre-event’ style and me with the lovely Beth from Pat Inc !

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