Awaken Success Series: Conscious Leadership with Carrie Benedet

[dropcap custom_class=”whbr”]Wake Up to Leadership: Carrie Benedet, Leadership Coach and EI Specialist talks about what it means to be a successful and conscious leader. Today, learning to lead is one of the most important skills for any employee or employer to have, future-proofing your career has never been more important as we face a landscape of entrepreneurship. 50% of full-time jobs will be gone in 10 years and our skill-set move into a creative and innovate space, what does it mean robots vs human? To know more on the subject here is the article I wrote on LinkedIn. I spoke with Carrie Benedet about Leadership and her take on being a successful leader of today – watch below! More about Carrie: Carrie has a contagiously positive attitude to thriving in career and life. With 24 years of leadership experience in adult education, Carrie specialises in designing and facilitating professional learning and leadership programs, coaching and mentoring for workplace growth and performance. Her strong growth mindset and skill-set of social and conversational emotional intelligence (Genos Certified), coaching methodologies and leadership skills, Carrie relishes working with motivated leaders and agile teams giving them confidence to revitalise their purpose, direction, voice, mindset and relational skills.[/dropcap]

The Host

Carrie speaks about leadership as hosting a party – having the right guests to create the right space, atmosphere and support.


Value Your People

Valuing your people is absolutely the number one way to gain a healthy culture and good productivity.


It Doesn’t Stop at Work

Leadership doesn’t just belong in the boardroom, it’s part of our life, our families, our relationships and how we lead ourselves.


Just Ask: We Don’t Know Everything

Why as a leader do we feel that we need to know everything? Carrie talks about how it’s okay to not know and what it means to lead without knowing the answer to everything.


Have Your Vision + Trust Yourself

Everyone has an opinion and only YOU know what is right for your vision. Here Carrie talks about how to trust your vision and yourself as a leader.


We Are Human

With pressure on leaders to be successful and reach goals, it’s hard to stay confident in the face of failure and targets. Add in the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the future of jobs – what is answer? Our humanity.

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