Byron Katies Answer To Success

[dropcap custom_class=”whbr”]Byron Katies story is amazing. She found herself and a key to happiness after suffering incredible depression and almost suicide. She now leads thousands of peope out of depression and despair through her

Here are the famous 4 Questions she gets you to ask yourself about the ‘problem’ or ‘thought of the problem’… See how you go?


[bigletter]Question 1: Is it true?
This question can change your life. Be still and ask yourself if the thought you wrote down is true.[/bigletter]
[bigletter]Question 2: Can you absolutely know it’s true?
This is another opportunity to open your mind and to go deeper into the unknown, to find the answers that live beneath what we think we know.[/bigletter]
[bigletter]Question 3: How do you react—what happens—when you believe that thought?
With this question, you begin to notice internal cause and effect. You can see that when you believe the thought, there is a disturbance that can range from mild discomfort to fear or panic. What do you feel? How do you treat the person (or the situation) you’ve written about, how do you treat yourself, when you believe that thought? Make a list, and be specific.[/bigletter]
[bigletter]Question 4: Who would you be without the thought?
Imagine yourself in the presence of that person (or in that situation), without believing the thought. How would your life be different if you didn’t have the ability to even think the stressful thought? How would you feel? Which do you prefer—life with or without the thought? Which feels kinder, more peaceful?[/bigletter]
Turn the thought around:
The “turnaround” gives you an opportunity to experience the opposite of what you believe. Once you have found one or more turnarounds to your original statement, you are invited to find at least three specific, genuine examples of how each turnaround is true in your life.

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