Getting De-Triggered

[dropcap custom_class=”whbr”]This is a BIG one. A lot of us when we get triggered from our partners, it’s all on. It’s hard to turn that switch off when we just feel so right in our point of view and they are so wrong.


Here are 3 tips my hubby and I use…


The first thing is KNOW that you are triggered, recognize the uncomfortable, angry feeling is coming from YOU, no one else.


Now you see it, owning the feeling is the biggest, most difficult and most healing step you can take. When we take responsiblity for it, we actually shift the power back to ourselves because when we blame them for making us ‘feel’ angry, then we give THEM the power. Take it back and own it.


In those heated times, it’s so hard not to blame as per 1. & 2. but when you get to that place of recognising it and owning it, then you need to express it. For example…. ‘When people say that to me it makes me feel so angry”. Don’t expect a response, that’s not your business, what is your business is how you express how you feel.

That shift will change the whole argument or discussion and what is good to reflect on, is that when you get triggered by loved ones or people at work, the trigger is in you.

What does that mean?

It means that if someone has been stubborn and won’t be wrong, then there’s a part of you that is the same, remember we vibrate at certain levels and when we find a match, the switch goes off.

It may be a simplistic approach, but explore it, for example when you are not triggered, sit down with your partner and discuss how you felt about that and whether you recognised the same triggers in eachother.. you may say – perhaps that’s me!

FIfty per cent of healing is knowing that it is there, seeing it. Also remember the more you push something down, the stronger it will become, so share how you feel without fear – because EVERYONE has a right to share their feelings.

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