My 10 Tips for a Happy Life

[progressbar value=”10″ label=”1. Be positive ” custom_class=””]
I always try and look through my ‘positive’ filter, we have both negative and positive filters, it’s your choice!

[progressbar value=”20″ label=”2. Learn from your experiences ” custom_class=””]

Everything is a teaching in my book, you can’t see it at the time usually, but just knowing that your soul is wanting you to grow through our challenging times.

[progressbar value=”30″ label=”3. Eat Well” custom_class=””]

Eat whole foods, drink water and chew your food (avoid sugar if you can).

[progressbar value=”40″ label=”4. Work on Your Spiritual Self” custom_class=””]

Do some form of personal development. When you actively look after yourself and nurture you mind, it keeps you more balanced inside and out!

[progressbar value=”50″ label=”5. Meditation” custom_class=””]

Meditate, even if it’s for 5 minutes! Just the act of focusing on yourself for a few minutes can be grounding and soothing for your mind and body the whole day!

[progressbar value=”60″ label=”6. Exercise” custom_class=””]

Do anything, just move! (I love yoga personally as it works on mind and body).

[progressbar value=”70″ label=”7. Be responsible” custom_class=””]

When you are responsible for everything in your life you take your power back. You have no reason to blame or defend and life will have less drama.

[progressbar value=”80″ label=”8. Get clear on what you want” custom_class=””]

I’m a big vision board believer! The more you get clear on what you actually want, the more things will start to happen for you, it’s just basic law. What you focus on you get!!!! So focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

[progressbar value=”90″ label=”9. Love yourself” custom_class=””]

If you can’t love yourself, then no-one else will be able to love you! I remember hearing how the Dalai Lama was shocked that Western civilization even had this concept. So when you care for yourself, your outer will world will care for you too.

[progressbar value=”100″ label=”10. Choose happiness! ” custom_class=””]

Happiness is a choice and when you take your power back, you realize you can choose.

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