It’s taken me a long time to consider myself an artist, but I finally realised that everything I do in my life, including my business is as an artist. Yes, I sing, write, illustrate, play guitar, piano and I’m a graphic designer, I am also a film-maker and scriptwriter – but I am an artist of life. Everything I do I approach as an artist because it allows me that freedom to express myself fully to myself and to others that I work with.

I love that as an artist I don’t feel judged. When I work as a brand-maker with clients, they understand that what I create is unique and comes from me as a gift to them. A self-expression is a form of storytelling, that is how we heal, we transform ourselves and others. Learning to find your authentic voice is a life-time journey and I have come to nurture myself rather than torture myself to get it right, I look to make it feel right – for me and my clients and practice trusting myself in all that I do.