What Attracts Clients To Your Brand?

[bigletter custom_class=””]Branding is essential to business.  It is key to a successful company.  It is what consumers identify with and buy into.  It can become the company’s trademark.  So what attracts clients to your brand?  Is it a colour, a logo that is distinct to your company? What are your clients are drawn to? Good branding sticks in people’s minds and can make clients become return customers.[/bigletter]

Companies invest in research and development to find the right kind of branding to attract clients. A company employs marketing experts to create effective branding, and then the company board or a selected project team carefully go over the different proposals to find the perfect brand for a business.  This is a tedious process as this new branding has to not only represent a solution to the needs of the clients but also consider the consumers desires, and importantly, what catches and keeps their attention, to propagate the company’s long-term mission.

So let us talk about what attracts clients to your brand?

Catchy Design

As a consumer, the product or service has to fulfill a need, but the branding must be catchy to be able to stand out from the competition!  It needs to catch the market’s attention in a blink of an eye.  A creative team does thorough research on what best carries the product or service, and the company’s purpose, but good brand design needs to not only carry the product/service and the mission/vision of the company but be visually engaging and effective.  Once initial proposals are evaluated and studied, the board or the team agrees on what design to use, and then creative team behind the brand work hard in identifying the final colour, the slogan/motto to best represent the brand and many more versions follow until the final Brand Style Guide is created.


Good brand design is just the start.Customers keep on buying a product or take advantage of service over and over again if the company has done well engaging with the consumer. Companies need to use advertising to communicate their branding and ethos in the form of a commercial, a flyer, a poster, a billboard, a leaflet or ad posts on social media and the internet.Email campaigns and/or email blasts share news to an existing customer, prospective customers or even to people who do not patronize the product or service.  Brands often invest in heavily funded campaigns over a long period of time simply to visually market their brand/product/service to build brand awareness.  People often start buying something because they saw the commercial on the television, or they got the advertisement blast on social media. The models or the colours or design attracted them to it and that convinced them to buy or use the service.  It can be the hidden messages that attract the consumer in the lifestyle portrayed, the models, the concept of the advertisement or the theme or story-line behind it, or even the brand vision shared through a tag line.

The integrity of the product or service

Many consumers patronize a brand’s products or services simply because of their catchy design or their commercial jingle, or their slogan.  But there are also clients who are attracted to your brand because they believe in what the company is selling.  Businesses understand this well. An example would be an earth-friendly, eco-friendly, organic product/service that is conscious of its role in minimizing impact on the environment and offering ranges to customers who want natural products and who value a more sustainable approach to living.This particular trend for eco- friendly products is growing, and consumers nowadays are aware of the damage that is happening in our environment and prefer to stay away from products, materials, ingredients that cause damage and destruction to Mother Nature. There are clients that make decisions on purchases based on the perceived integrity of a brand.

Company Values

There are also clients who patronize a product or a service provided by a business because of what the company stands for.  This is the company’s mission/vision, and often represents the company’s foundational reason for existence. A company’s beliefs also attract clients to your brand.  It may seem rare for an ordinary consumer to know each and every value the different company believes in.  However, with the advertisements, the information dissemination through emails, social media, blogs, videos, and other mediums, these values are shared to the public.They can also set milestones in the industry.  It can also be known to the consumers as a result of a simple word of mouth from other consumers.

There are companies who support worthwhile causes, such as Cotton On who support early education in poor countries rural areas, and many consumers decide to give their money to a company such as this that is focused on doing such good community work. There are the customers who carefully choose what products or services they will use and continue to use based on the values of a brand.

Many believe that the visual representation of the company only attracts clients to your brand – such as the logo, the colours, the design, the advertisements or even the jingle heard over the radio.  But there are also invisible reasons consumers patronize a company’s products or services.  This is what a company truly believes in.  Their purpose or mission/vision in the industry, in the economy.  Ultimately, it is not the logo that keeps a client a customer for years.  It is not the song that continuously makes the clients buy a product or use the service.  It is most often because of what the company is and the satisfaction they provide the consumers.  What the company believes in, is also, what attracts clients to your brand.

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