Why Conscious Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs begin small scale, business people. They are the individuals who are brilliant and creative and come up with innovative and creative ideas which they turn them into businesses.  Operating businesses usually have the primary goal of “making a profit.”  While that is true for most of the time, there are those entrepreneurs who start businesses because it is what they believe in, or passionate about.  So what are conscious entrepreneurs?  Conscious entrepreneurship is not just being what an entrepreneur is, but also a person with vision who works for a purpose and incorporates it in his or her business.  They are the people who operate businesses outside the business.  Not just looking at the profit margins but sharing what they believe in. Strong values become their vision and their mission becomes providing a product or a service that promotes these values and influences their clients to do the same.

There seems to be an ongoing trend for small businesses to make passion, belief or their vision, their selling point.  Nurturing brands which is are not just created to just make money, not just marketability, but also, for visibility.  Many aspiring young business people are looking to become conscious entrepreneurs.  So why conscious entrepreneurship?  The business worldwide always needs profit and success.  However, the younger generation has witnessed the past mistakes in the business industry, and they are now trying to make the market shift. They are recognizing that consumers are becoming more conscious of the world around them and that they have the power to make a change. They are responding to the markets’ newfound awareness that where they spend their money can make a change for good. These new conscious entrepreneurs are working to fill the need of this new economy, and at the same time, they are slowly influencing people to change their beliefs, their way of living and also their mindset.  They are passively spreading positive consciousness amongst their consumers, sharing how they believe life should be.  They run their businesses with a purpose.

Four main reasons that make conscious entrepreneurs different from ordinary entrepreneurs:

Change the World

Conscious entrepreneurs operate their businesses with the hope to change the world.  Be it in perspective or outlook.  They are doing something with a higher risk than the other businesses.  An example would be businesses that hire individuals who are handicapped but effective.  This way, the self-worth and self-esteem of the handicapped is lifted.  They may seem to be liabilities to a more conservative company; however, these businesses understand that when given the chance, these individuals can offer so much, can be productive and help grow the company.  Giving disabled people opportunities to be useful and productive and it uplifts the community’s spirits showing disabled people in this positive way.  They are seen as challenging but not useless.

Organic and Environment-Friendly

They are aware of the deteriorating environment we have at present.  The harm done to nature cannot be reversed fully but worse damage can be avoided.  Awareness of the dangers of chemicals and other materials that destroy our environment can make a difference.  Conscious entrepreneurship opened the discussion with manufacturers, and now many stay away from harmful chemicals or ingredients when producing their products.  Because of conscious entrepreneurship, organic, environment-friendly and pesticide-free food and materials emerged.  Because of conscious entrepreneurship, people are looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint, and to produce their products sustainably such as companies that encourage recycling, upcycling and advocating‘considered’ purchasing.

Respect for the Living

Conscious entrepreneurs are employers who respect individuals, animals, plants, and nature. These are establishments that are respectful to their employees and customers alike.  They make sure their product or service is not only satisfactory to the clients who patronize them but gives satisfaction to the employees who produce them. These companies have ethical sourcing processes in place. This is because they believe that we need to respect every person, every animal, and our living planet. For example, entrepreneurs that make products ethically from sustainable, organic, eco-friendly materials, serve their consumers, as well as their employees, as well as the world around them.


Small businesses that conduct events and support programs that give back to the community are examples of conscious entrepreneurship.  They are not focused on profits. They often are not non-profit organisations, as they make some profit, but not that much.  Their goal is the realization of their vision.  They hope to make it sustainable enough for them to continue spreading awareness of what they believe in.  The principles that they abide by.  This is more important to them than anything else.

So why conscious entrepreneurship?  Conscious entrepreneurs risk being different.They are the underdog in the business world because they have high hopes of effecting change in our society now and for the future generation.  Changing the world and society is a very big task.  Conscious entrepreneurs see this potential for change than are act on their beliefs.  They are practicing what they preach.  They make noise with the hope that consumers world will hear, listen to and understand.

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