Why We are ALL Artists

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[dropcap custom_class=”whbr”]I’m not sure if I mentioned to you that I’m a make-o-holic – I LOVE to make things. I become quite obsessed with finishing my vision and that can be my own blog site, a clients project, a new website, a video, a song or a drawing. Is it a good thing? I guess it can be good and bad because when I’m in that task orientated mode, all work/life balance goes out the window and my husband I’m sure feels like he’s being neglected. Luckily he knows me very well and has learnt to let me finish what I’m doing. I also work at home because I’m a late night person, I need to be able to create and work in my own space. My desk is in my living room, so when the TV is on I can easily tune in and out of my family conversations, the news or the Kardashians (yes bit obsessed with why and how they got so famous) Their shows can make good background company when in the mood.[/dropcap]

Since completing my online course and my blog (woo hoo) I have been thinking about creativity and what and how I need to express myself in what I do. I had a session with a great client who is a ‘Money Coach for Artists’ and she was speaking about the Inner Critic and how big that is for Artists and it got me thinking that it’s actually big for all of us AND that we are also artists of our own life.  So I was drawn to create a blog, podcast and poem for you to find out WHY we are all artists. And yes it will not only give you the confidence to make changes, but it will help you find alignment in the authentic you to expedite your goals – sounds good? I’ve also included a little video below on how I use nail polish in my paintings – you see it’s all about reframing what you have 😉

My 3 top tips to discover why you an artist:


Being Human is about Expressing Oneself.

That is what we do as human’s, express ourselves – we are all storytellers. One day I re-framed how I looked at myself and work and realised that whatever it is I create is an expression of myself. I have something to say AND every human being has something to say.


Being Human is to be Vulnerable.

Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness it’s the door to access your true self and your voice. When you are an artist, your know and accept that the vulnerable part of yourself is how you access your pain, struggle or challenge in order to express that learning or insight in whatever form. Change how you see that challenge…


Making Friends with Your Inner Critic.

We all have the in-house critic having a go at us about something. As an artist, you can learn to use that critic to further your own personal development and give great strength to your work.

‘Making Friends with My Inner Critic’

Sometimes I hear through the silence
My truth is calling to me without sounds,
No words, only a knowing.
My hurt has so much to say and so much love to share.

The child inside reaches out fearlessly
to grab the chance, the friend, the spirit
the earth, tell a secret, sing a song, read a poem.

My hands feel weak and I clutch them together
to feel myself. The silence is confronting.
It’s emptiness is rich with possibility,
full of life and truth.

Fear is watching quietly, like a guard and protector.
I accept her now and because of this
she has found her place, no more hiding.

Anger paces the corridors and plans
the next move. She embraces the power
to bring action without hurt.

I breathe and life seems so big. I know so little.
The silence calms the inner critic once more.

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